Be The Tree #poem

Originally posted on Didi Oviatt:
Warped are the roots, yet tall’s the old tree, What hides beneath the surface is strength, you see. Stronger with age, finds growth through the muck, The path of each finger searching sustenance, not luck. It either moves or it crushes some rocks in their way, Or it tunnels around,…

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Just A Poem — Untangled

I had a dream that I fell. I grabbed for a plant and tumbled down a large gaping hole clutching at loose vines screaming your name. I don’t know if you rescued me. You were there when I fell but then I woke up sweating trying to find the meaning or the no meaning in […] […]

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Let your anger be out of love, with love. Let it be, cause you care, not to irk, but with love. Never turn back, nor hold tight, nor cling, to the things, that break you down,  your tender heart. Let things go free, with love, set your soul free, let things come from your heart, […]


Childhood bygone.

  An innocent face and tender heart; A noddy grin up to some bash; The bashes of merriment and exuberance, that gushes through my veins and comes out as tears of good –bay; As of today for they waved good-bye.   Craves so much my heart, Once more to relish the taste and cherish the […]

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